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Francesco Alessandrini is a fifty two year old engineer who works on the planning and design of important civil engineering structures (bridges, roads, ports and dams). He taught for ten years at the University of Udine in the geotechnical sector and has published numerous articles especially in the structural and geotechnical field. His commitment and enthusiasm for his profession has not impeded his interest in subtle energies and phenomena correlated to the states of a widened consciousness, which started fifteen years ago.

This personal research has allowed him to deepen his knowledge in a multiplicity of sectors such as bio-architecture, geobiology, divining, radionics and shamanism as well as travelling widely and developing spiritual and historical knowledge relative to diverse populations of Earth. This increased knowledge and the subsequent development of spiritual sensitivity has allowed him to come in contact with completely atypical cognitive realities fundamental in understanding the meaning of the life of man and much more.

This knowledge underwent an unexpected and exponential growth when he came in contact with the Masters of Light of high level three years ago. Their help transmitted a series of knowledge on varied aspects of creation and on the life of man which has been transcribed into four books, all of them with the same title “Voyage in Destiny”, as suggested by the Masters.

The books, which two of them (part four and five) have been published, are all addressed to the deepening of “true knowledge” or a knowledge that does not come from the limited human point of view, but which contains all the knowledge and wisdom of a spirit endowed with an immensely wider vision than man’s.

  • The books deal with the following arguments:
  • Voyage in Destiny, part one: A private diary.
  • Voyage in Destiny, part two: The diary of the development of my public story.
  • Voyage in Destiny, part three: From the analysis of certain ancient discoveries, a message for the survival of mankind.
  • Voyage in Destiny, part four: The return to true knowledge.
  • Voyage in Destiny, part five: Crop circles and the entry into the third dimension, or the great transformation man is facing

Francesco Alessandrini is married with the sweet Maddalena; they live in Udine – Italy.

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