Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Voyage in destiny - part four

Every one of us has a destiny.

It contains a series of causes and connections that not even the most fervid imagination could visualize.

My destiny places knowledge among the priorities of my work, and writing is a way to share this knowledge.

What I write is mainly dedicated to what Masters of Light of high level have been transmitting to me for around three years.

I have just published a book, “Voyage in destiny”, which is the fourth of a series that talk about a “re-opening” to a different way of knowing and begins to retrieve some aspects of “true knowledge”.

Among these aspects certain tools of knowledge are rediscovered, these are different from the only one known to us i.e. reason. A lot of importance is given to the “the voyages” of the mind in a non-rational setting and to intuition “… giving man intuition as a tool of true knowledge” and to the recognition and interpretation of signs which a wider reality continually shows us.

The main features of human knowledge are analyzed, its limits, its openings and the urgings it is subjected to in order to continuously exceed itself (miracles, the sense of mystery). It attains the understanding of what should be “true knowledge”, the use of the symbol and the possibility of fitting into a time which is beyond the linear time we are so used to occupying.

The book introduce some aspects of this knowledge such as “the mental and energetic dynamics of thought”, a new concept of “truth”, a new concept of the relationship between “good and evil”, love, death, union and path.

In other words, this book is of a wide spectrum which should entice us to intuit the existence of much vaster Creation than the one we are used to and to lay the basis for a more correct interpretation of it.

I hope that this strange book stimulates a desire in you to abandon the arrogance which insists that thoughts generated by the human mind are the only ones possible; now is the time to be open to a wider thought, from a High and Other provenance.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Voyage in destiny - part five

Destiny places “knowledge” among the priorities of my work.

This text, the fifth in a series, is dedicated to what some Masters of Light of a high level have been transmitting to me for several years.

It represents a chapter of my voyage into knowledge; a knowledge that comes from a wider vision of worldly things than that which is normally available to man.

This book talks about crop circles, of the fact that they are messages and how I was taught to interpret them.
I also argue against current opinions about who makes them and why and how they are made.

The story then goes on to the interpretation of a specific circle at Bagnaria Arsa, that was made recently in Friuli, Italy, the region where I live.

Its message establishes the entry into a phase of great transformation that man of our time is facing.
I describe this transformation and the consequences it will have on humans and life on Earth.

Finding that after a period of “demanding” change, as all changes are, a new man will inhabit the Earth, a man endowed with greater emotional balance and with additional powers.