Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Voyage in destiny - part five

Destiny places “knowledge” among the priorities of my work.

This text, the fifth in a series, is dedicated to what some Masters of Light of a high level have been transmitting to me for several years.

It represents a chapter of my voyage into knowledge; a knowledge that comes from a wider vision of worldly things than that which is normally available to man.

This book talks about crop circles, of the fact that they are messages and how I was taught to interpret them.
I also argue against current opinions about who makes them and why and how they are made.

The story then goes on to the interpretation of a specific circle at Bagnaria Arsa, that was made recently in Friuli, Italy, the region where I live.

Its message establishes the entry into a phase of great transformation that man of our time is facing.
I describe this transformation and the consequences it will have on humans and life on Earth.

Finding that after a period of “demanding” change, as all changes are, a new man will inhabit the Earth, a man endowed with greater emotional balance and with additional powers.

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